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Your home is not only a large investment but it's also a reflection of you and it's something we're sure you want to keep looking great and take proper care of. That's where we come in.


When it comes to our residential work we only use the highest quality prep and materials and finishes available. We absolutely never take shortcuts or quote one product and substitute it for less expensive one.


We realize it's not every day you have work being done in or at your home but of course, you do realize that we do this every day, week in, week out. What does this mean to you?



It means we understand it may be a bit concerning to you and as you will find out when we do an estimate for you we sit down and discuss everything with you in detail exactly what our processes are and what you can expect to be going on and when and where from beginning to end so there are no surprises and your experience is a great one.


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