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Our Staff

MasterCraft is not a management company. We never hire sub-contractors to work on our projects and here's why.


Some of our competitors are nothing more than a management service. Presenting you with a professional looking estimate and then hiring a sub to actually do the work, generally for only half the amount you were quoted and they only want to get in and out as fast as possible. 


We only employ professional, experienced painters and finishers who are full-time hourly employees. Most of our staff are family oriented, all clean cut, very respectful and courteous hard working people, who take a great deal of pride in their work. To ensure everything runs smoothly, or address any customer questions or concerns, Mike's son, Taylor, visits each job site several times each day. 


Int. and Ext. Painting

Whether you are having one room painted or the entire house, look no further than right here. Countless customers have praised us not only for the great job we did but also how they hardly noticed our painters were there. 


We have proven procedures for every type of project we do that makes life as easy on you as possible during the process, but especially when it comes to interior re-paint work. Our goal is to create as little interference with your life and daily routines as possible.

After the job is done, inside or out you'd never know our painters were there except for the fresh paint, and we might add, that fresh paint being only where it should be. Great care is givens towards you, your home and your personal property at all times. 

Pressure Washing

Any time there is any exterior painting to be done it is extremely important to have those surfaces thoroughly cleaned to ensure all dirt, oxidation, and especially mildew is properly removed prior to any paint being applied.


On more than one occasion we've been out to estimate a job and the entire thing was covered in that black unsightly mildew and the homeowner tells us they don't understand because they "just had it cleaned" three or four months ago by someone who pressure washes for a living.


A pressure washer alone or even one with a bleach bottle connected to it WILL NOT kill or remove the mildew correctly! It merely removes the top of the spore and while it may look clean when they're done the spore is still there and will grow back rather quickly. In addition, if someone were to paint over top of that surface, the mildew underneath could very well grow right through the new coating creating an extremely costly problem.



A properly cleaned surface should stay mildew free for up to a year or longer and having your home cleaned once a year will help keep your paint job looking great and ensure you get the longest  life possible out of it. 

New Construction

New construction or renovations can be stressful. A great deal of thought, time and especially money usually has been invested into the design and construction of a home. 


Choosing the right general contractor and other details can be a large task. You choose everything down to the cabinet knobs and light switches because you want the house to turn out the way you envisioned it.


The painted and finished surfaces of any project is the single largest thing people see when looking at a home. 

We have literally seen and heard just about everything when it comes to people trying to maximize their profits. From using no primer at all to watering down paint to quoting one product, then showing up with a far inferior one. It goes on and on. It's your investment, You should want the best possible outcome.

We only use premium materials from start to finish on every one of our projects and we never up-charge for these things because we want to leave with a long lasting impression of superior performance and quality workmanship long after everyone has been paid. Virtually no-one is going to give you the quality products or workmanship MasterCraft does for the price, period.


About Us

MasterCraft Painting was founded in 2005 by Mike D'Atri, a master painter with more than 20 years full-time hands-on experience with the goal of bringing the sandhills a service where the true craftsmanship and integrity are more important than anything else. Very simply, do what you say you are going to do when say you are going to do it, and at a fair price. Period!

Throughout the past several years we have brought many firsts to the local painting industry and will continue to do so. We have had a definite impact on how our competitors do business which we take as a big compliment. 


We live in Pinehurst and are part of the Moore County community. We always enjoy running into our customers long after the job is done. 


Phone: 910-986-2321


Shop Address: 11832 Hwy 15-501 South

                          Aberdeen. NC 28315


All project consultations and estimates from MasterCraft are always free of charge. 


We will initially come to your home, office or project location and discuss the scope of work you're looking at doing, your time frame and discuss and address any concerns or questions you might have.


We will have you a detailed, printed estimate no later than the following day. We deliver the estimate in person to residential homeowners for the sole purpose of going over everything with you to ensure you are getting exactly what you want and nothing has changed. We also go over what our processes are in detail so you know what you can expect to be going on, and when, from beginning to end so there are no surprises.

Our estimates detail

  • What is included and what is excluded

  • what preparation will be performed 

  • Specific areas of the project and any special instructions

  • The Brand, color, and finish of the paint or coating being used.

  • How many coats you will receive.

  • How long the project will take

  • Payment terms and total price​

Our Clients

Our Residential clients have included a diverse group of people ranging from every day working and retired professionals to pro athletes and coaches.


Some of our commercial clients have included



Tuesday Morning

Steak or Eggs Restaurant


Juniper Creek Townhomes

The Meadow Homeowners Assoc.

VIllage in the Woods

Bretton Woods

Linville Gardens

Erin Hills Condominiums 

Lakeview Townhomes

The Oneil School

Sandhills Community College

Estes Trucking company

Pinehurst Fire Department

Village of Pinehurst

Boles Funeral Homes

Town of Southern Pines

U.S. Army and DOD

NC Division of Highways, Rest Stops

and more...

Historical Properties

Special Attention has to be given to Historical Properties, or any older home for that matter. Does your painter know how to safely and efficiently strip old paint from a structure without saturation of the old wood with harsh chemicals? Do they know how to properly glaze and seal older windows? We do!

Have an older home or historical property you want to bring back from years of quick fixes and get it done right at a reasonable price? Give us a call today.


Professional Spray Booth

Refinishing things such as cabinets, shelving or items such as color-matched air return vents should be done in a clean environment to ensure you get a professional quality finish. That can only be achieved inside a professional spray booth which we have at our shop.


Having a booth allows us to work with all types of unique items such as a '57 chevy front end you want to use as an awning and unique coatings including lacquers and automotive finishes

Tables, Bar Tops and airbrushing

Ever consider customizing a bar top or perhaps what a great gift a custom table for the game room or man cave would be? Not only can we do simple things such as embed photos or virtually any item into a bar or coffee table, but we can also do custom airbrushed work or anything else for that matter!

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