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New construction

New construction, whether it being residential or commercial large or small is very demanding and we know it often has to be done on a tight schedule and possibly in conjunction with other contractors on the site at the same time. There just isn't much room for error.


We know exactly what it takes to not only get it right the first time but to also get done on time and on budget. we've completed countless new construction projects over the years and absolutely no one out there is going to give you and your clients the quality products or workmanship for the money period.

We've been a part of nearly three dozen or more award-winning projects including two NCHBA best in state awards. we have the resources, personnel and proven procedures that ensure the painting needs on your projects go according to schedule in a timely and efficient manner.

Property Management

Whether you are a property association management company or the association board, managing large properties or associations in an extremely demanding job. We know this and we make every effort to make any painting, pressure washing or window cleaning project as hassle free and painless as possible. 


We have a great deal of experience when it comes to large commercial repaints and we know property managers or association board member shouldn't be bombarded with phone calls regarding scheduling conflicts, painting questions or general concerns.


Once a project schedule is announced we are available directly to all your homeowners to address any and all questions, concerns or scheduling solutions promptly so you are free to direct your attention where you feel it's needed instead of being caught in the middle. We keep you informed with daily communication regarding every aspect of the projects staus

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