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Frequently asked question

What kind of paint do you use?

     When it comes to paint we prefer to use mostly Sherwin Williams products simply because they perform extremely well and the company has an outstanding track record when it comes to standing behind their products.

    When it comes to other projects such stains or concrete coatings and finishes we have our preferences as well such as our clear coat which we use exclusively in the area.  That’s not to say we won’t use Benjamin Moore paints or other products you may prefer or have read about.

What makes MasterCraft different from any other painter?  


    There are several things that set us clearly apart, most of all is the fact that we follow proven procedures in every aspect of our business which ensures a professional encounter for our customers on a consistent basis. We also simply tell it like it is when it comes to what will work and what wont. We will always want to do the job correctly but we’ll never try to sale you on doing work that doesn’t need to be done either. We care about more than just collecting a check.     

Is MasterCraft more expensive that most other painters?  


     We receive this question a lot and it couldn't be more wrong. We are actually extremely competitive in all our pricing simply because we receive substantial discounts on materials which by the way we never up charge for and due to the fact that we’ve been doing this for a long time, it makes us highly efficient while producing superior workmanship.    

How much experience does MasterCraft have? 


     Well one thing you will never hear us state is that we have "200 years of combined experience" or some other silly thing. We have not only employed many people with "many years of experience" and quite honestly have been very disappointed. We have also seen many other Painting Contractors who are great people but have been around for many years yet they consistently struggle year after year after year because they are only consistent…. at being inconsistent.Specifically, MasterCraft's owner has more than twenty years of hands-on Professional Painting experience, Painting Business Management and Business Management and has authored all MasterCraft's Procedure Manuals and Employee Policy Manuals as well as an Employee Manual for a Fortune 100 company. Just for kicks though, we have around 337 years of combined experience at the present time.


Are all your painters experienced?    


     For the most part Yes, we try to only hire men and women with a minimum of two years of professional painting experience. From time to time we do get a complete rookie however, with little to no experience. All new painters regardless of experience level are assigned to work daily with two other seasoned pros who can keep an eye on how they are doing and to teach them the way we do things.      

How do you supervise your projects?  

     Every one of our projects has an on-site working foreman who has a minimum of 10 years of hands-on experience. In addition, we also have a General Manager and/or the Owners who visit each job site several times a day to ensure consistency and to address any customer questions, concerns or special requests.

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